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Ogden is a 2002 graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance with emphasis on construction and cost accounting and was also part of their NCAA Division I Football Team. In 2005, Ogden participated in a program through the University of Southern California on project development and construction developed specifically for NFL players hoping to diversify after their football career.

"By sharing your experiences and philosophy with the students, you have given them a prime example of strong character and determination."
- Glenn J. Benjamin, Principal
- St. Jude Regional Catholic School

"The first thing I learned is that you have one chance to make a great first impression. Meaning if you’re just hired on a job, you better know everything there is to know about that position before you walk in. if you’re making mistakes and you’re new in the company you are going to be out the door."

"I definitely finished it (the book) a few weeks ago. It was a good read for sure!"

Michael Strahan NFL Alumni Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee 2014

  • Marques Ogden Is . . .

    Growing up in a single parent home with a father that inspired perseverance and fairness, Marques Ogden learned how to define his values and set goals. Ogden attended Howard University from 1998-2002 where he played Division I football. He then followed his dream and his brother Jonathan's footsteps, eventually getting drafted into the NFL in 2003. Overall, he played for 5 years as an offensive lineman with the Titans, Bills, Ravens and Jaguars. Even during the off season, Ogden helped train football players in Europe, both physically and mentally.

    At the age of 27, he founded a construction company called Kayden Premier Enterprises; a business that grew rapidly in its first few years, but Ogden and the business eventually went bankrupt after Ogden loss almost 2 million dollars on one project in a time period just under 90 days.

    At his darkest point, the NFL Trust came in and helped Ogden restructure his life. With hard work and determination, he became a motivational speaker and marketing leader, helping to build others up to succeed.

    His best selling book, "Sleepless Nights: The NFL: A Family and Business, is an autobiography following him from his birth to his NFL career, rise and fall in corporate america and beyond. Marques Ogden's story is a candid look into the life of an NFL athlete that turns into a successful business man then loses it all and has to overcome his demons of drinking and gambling to get his life back on track. This is a short and easy read that is good for all ages, races, genders, and economic status of people.

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    Sleepless Nights

    In a 2009 article, Sports Illustrated found that 78 percent of former NFL players had gone bankrupt or were under financial stress after only being retired for two years. From unscrupulous investments, freeloaders, medical issues, and competitive showing-off, several professional athletes were stunned by the result of living an expensive life. For Marques Ogden, doing the right thing cost his life’s savings and falling into the common statistic.

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