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Our podcast “Get Authentic With Marques Ogden” is a globally ranked top 1% podcast in the world, and growing in popularity every single day! Our show has one main message “interviewing authentic people, who want to share their authentic stories!” Our show interviews all types of people athletes, celebrities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers and more! Sponsoring our podcast gives you the opportunity to market your product/service to our massive global audience, to help you increase visibility, sales and profitability. In 14 months we have had over 40 amazing brands (realtors, mortgage companies, technology, finance, real estate and many others) sponsor our show! One thing our clients love is the consistency of our show being published (4 times a week), which shows our clients that “The Get Authentic With Marques Show,” is here to stay. Most podcast end up quitting after 10 shows, in 14 months time we have published over 225 shows and we are just getting started!

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Any product or service based business, looking to grow their presence, visibility and increase their marketing efforts, is a perfect fit to sponsor our podcast! Our podcast interviews all sorts of amazing people, from so many different walks of life! As a result of that we get such a large, diverse audience to listen to our show! So again, any product or service based business, looking to get more exposure for their respective brands, is an excellent fit to sponsor our podcast! We have 3, 6, 9, and 12 month sponsorship packages, that our clients can choose from, to help them take their respective businesses to the next level!


As a result of sponsoring our globally top 1% ranked podcast, our sponsors can expect to gain more visibility, more exposure, increase their brand credibility and earn more revenue! Our show has been streamed/downloaded in over 105 different countries and growing, and we have been streamed/downloaded in over 40 states in the US, in 14 months time. So one of the main benefits our clients also love is that by sponsoring our show their marketing ads are permanently “baked in” to our shows, which gives them lifetime marketing, as our shows stay up on all the major podcast platforms for life! So, assuming you are looking for an affordable way to market your business, to help you rise to the next level, you should connect with us to chat about sponsorship opportunities with our globally ranked podcast!

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