Why your mid-year evaluation is essential


Why your mid-year evaluation is essential

This is a perfect moment while it's still possible to execute. There is still time to make adjustments and make this year spectacular, but only if you now take advantage of this opportunity.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you remain on track. No one else can attain your goals since only you are aware of them, and only you know what is best for you.

Even the most well-intentioned individuals in your vicinity will prefer what they believe you should do. As a result, you're in greater danger of following someone else's path.

The good thing is that it is straightforward. Set aside some time, and ask yourself these three main questions.

Where am I currently at in my personal and professional journeys?
* List any accomplishments you have achieved already.
* What lessons have you learned?
* Identify what worked and what didn't work well.

"Identifying a lesson from a mistake is the greatest method for overcoming a mistake."

How are your goals shaping up?
*  Identify what goals have been achieved and what goals still need to be reached.
* Is your plan of action still relevant to your end goals?
* Do your goals reflect the new growth personally and professionally or still reflect the old you?

"You will be able to prioritize and carry out any action steps necessary to attain maximum success after gaining clarity on your goals."

What modifications do I need to make at this point?
* Does this plan still serve you?
* What is required to move forward?
* What can you do to prepare for next year's success?
* What actions do you need to take now, and what do you need to stop doing to make the most out of your plan?

"In no sea is it possible to keep your sails pointed in the same direction for an extended period…."

As in football…Halftime is the opportunity to come together, reflect, reevaluate, and finish strong even if you don't win.

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker