Why is communication important in Leadership?


It starts by you being the role model...

Communication starts with trust, once trust is established you will gain productivity, time management, and higher results. All team members must be striving to achieve the same end results.

Our brand has a respectable reputation in the industry for executive coaching our clients with professionalism, respect, and the utmost ethical practices.  When people are going to spend their hard earned money with you, they want to be assured to the best of their ability that you are the right person for the job.  One of the best ways we tend to build rapport with our clients is through social proof.  Social proof, are things like reference letters, testimonials, or video testimonials to show people that not only do you think highly of your services, but your clients do as well. ‍

There is a three-step process we tell our clients when we coach them, or if we are doing keynote speaking around the topic of sales, that you must do when trying to build trust with a potential client and earn their business...

1) Present Social Proof

2) Present Your Pricing

3) Give Them Ample Time To Make a Decision

When our brand establishes a relationship with new clients the first thing we make sure to do, is to develop open lines of communication.Always let the client know what is going on, and be sure that you are still open and honest from day 1.  Another thing we do that is important to continue to build trust with clients is continue to create value for your clients.  After you get a client to give you their business, your job of servicing them is not over, in fact, this is when you should kick it into high gear and let them know by your actions that you really value the business relationship.  And another vital thing to do in building trust with our client, that I feel would work for you is to become a TRUE PARTNER of the client, this way they know that they are more than just a transaction, they know they are like family!  So this is why it is so important as a leader,you create and establish effective and transparent communication to help your business build a foundation for success...

How to create effective and transparent communication inleadership:

Be available:

A. Be Approachable.

B. Be Accessible via phone, email, text, etc.

(This allows staff to feel comfortable with you)


A. Share your knowledge.

B. Offer suggestions.

C. Express your opinion constructively.

D. Be confident.

(This allows them to feel comfortable to open up and inspired to share different thoughts and ideas)

Team Involvement with changes:

A. Regularly share all updates.

B. Allow all opinions and ideas to be brought to the table.

C. Come to a conclusion before ending discussions, so nothing isleft open-ended.

(This allows the team member to feel valued and involved.)


A. Seek to understand not to reply.

B. Never assume or guess.

C. Ask for clarification.

(This allows the team member to feel trust and respect>)

Be in the moment:

A. Be 100% at the moment.

B. Do not multitask when someone is talking to you.

C. Shut off all distractions.

D, Take notes if need be.

(This allows the team members to feel valued and that you actually care about their ideas, thoughts, or opinions.)

Invest in knowing each individual:

A. Personal level.

B. Their values.

C. Their beliefs.

D. Their thoughts.

(This allows you to get a background on the team member to understand their work ethics.)

So my challenge to you is.....  Are you willing to establish effective communication skills, to help you be a successful leader?

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker