What's Holding You Back?


What's Holding You Back?

Identify and Reject Limiting Mindsets

Limiting beliefs are the ones that hold you back from accomplishing your goals. The human mind has a remarkable capacity to generate an unlimited number of reasons why something is impossible. There is a high possibility that, at this time, you are being held back by limiting thoughts you are unaware of.

There are several different types of limiting beliefs. They could include the following:
"I usually fail when I attempt something."
"I am not skilled at this."
"My success is either selfish or unethical."
"I'm not meant to succeed at this."
"People will criticize me if I attempt this"

It might be any flawed thought that repeats itself. Regardless of the precise belief, this form of negative thinking will prevent you from attaining your objectives. Before you can remove them, you must first recognize them.

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

You may dispel these negative thoughts by pointing them out and convincing yourself that they are false. Each individual has a unique collection of repeating negative thoughts. How about yours? Recognizing when this occurs is an important stepping stone in overcoming them.

Utilize Examples
How do you convince yourself that a belief is untrue? Examples are an excellent method. Consider your personal experience and instances in which you've conquered obstacles. Consider the lives of others to determine how they overcome problems.

Consider a period when you were successful in the past. Did others judge you? They were likely pretty pleased for you, which helps you see that this limiting belief is false.

Implement Positive Affirmations
Limiting beliefs are a mental habit. Through positive affirmations, you may form new behaviors. Instead of telling yourself repeatedly that you cannot accomplish something, remind yourself that you can.

If you fear success, repeat to yourself, "I am successful. I will achieve, and my success will inspire and assist others."

Say to yourself, "I'm learning this, and I can master it just like any other talent," if you're not proficient at anything.
Simply repeating these optimistic sentences helps counteract negative internal dialogue.

Adopt a Growth Mentality
The growth mentality is a mode of thinking that enables you to transform such negative ideas into positive ones. It says we aren't static and fixed but change and grow over time. This can be used in any part of your business and will teach you how to m your "inner critic" from telling you that you can't do something.

Evaluate Your "Why"
Referring back to the "why" behind your current efforts might help you view things from a more positive perspective. Reconnect with your initial objectives and vision. Next year, where would you want to be? Use your accomplishments to combat negative thinking.

Imagine a Positive Outcome
The reward for attempting anything is definitely worth the risk. The worst that could happen is making a mistake; however, an error is an excellent learning opportunity. If you understand this, you can stop letting your inner critic hold you back and take action.

Are you willing to take action today? Find yourself a strong support group and start taking action today.

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker