What to do when you feel you hit rock bottom?


When your low can't go lower, eventually we hit bottom. Whether hitting that bottom in rock bottom or close to rock bottom. Hitting bottom personally and professionally does not always have to be a bad thing. It is essential to reevaluate who we are. Ask yourself this, “Are you living your best life?”

This is the time you look at your goals, your vision, your story, and most importantly, your purpose or passion. You are never alone, it may seem as though the bottom can be the loneliness, but that is where you will truly learn who you are, where you want to go and what it will take. Ask yourself this, “Am I truly being authentic with who I am, or where I want to go in life?”

This is a great time to evaluate who you spend your time with. Think of the individuals you spend the most time with. Do you spend time with individuals who are lacking in inspiration, maybe lacking in positivity, or even just lacking in energy altogether? You have the opportunity to choose who you spend your time with. Make sure you are spending time with individuals who lift you up, support your vision, and believe in you. Do not feel obligated to give time to the dream crashes, the negative Nelly's, or the individuals who are complacent in life. Ask yourself this, “Do these individuals bring me joy and lift me up?” “Are they there for me when I need them?”

OK, now after doing self-evaluation dust yourself off and get right back up. The longer you spend at rock bottom or living, the worse it will be to get back up.

Figure out what living your best life will indeed look like with these steps:
1.    Am I doing what I love to do?
a.    If not, Why are you not enjoying what you are doing?
b.    If yes, What can be done to bring more joy to your life?
2.    What is something I have always dreamt of doing or being?
a.    Can you add or apply it to what you are currently doing?
b.    Is this something completely different from what you are doing?
3.    What will it take to get you started living your best life?
a.    Do you know your Avatar or ideal customer?
b.    Do you know what challenges they face and how you can be of a solution for them?
4.    Who is going to be your greatest support?
a.    Does your network of individuals know and believe in your vision?
b.    Are they capable of helping you achieve this vision?
5.    What is the burning desire behind this vision?
a.    How will this allow you to live your best life?

We all have the same opportunities as others to live our best life’s. It all comes down to are you will step out of your comfort zone, put in the hard work, and sacrifice something to achieve this vision. It all begins with YOU!

Do you believe in you, your vision, and the ability to live your best life?

Marques Ogden
Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach