Value of a power team...


Did you know that the people you spend the most time with have the most influence on your level of success?

Your thought becomes your actions. Your actions become your habits, and your habits become your success.

When I started building my 8 figure business...I hired the wrong people, and I coached them the wrong way.  In 2008 I was 27 years old, and I thought I knew everything there was to know about starting a business.

Looking back on it I didn't know much of anything about sales, building the power team, how to organize my time, how to delegate tasks, and most of all I did not know how to have healthy dialogue and discussions, to solve issues in my company.  In the summer of 2012, my business was going through some struggling times financially, but we were still able to stay ahead because our bank gave us a nice line of credit to "sustain us."  I will never forget one of my power team members tried to tell me how we were going to be in MAJOR trouble in a few short months if we did not change the way we conducted business.  Instead of allowing him to express his thoughts and concerns, I shunned him.  I did not allow him to express his concerns regarding the growth of our business.  Two days later he came in and handed me his 2-week resignation papers.

After he left my company, the rest of my power team started to disappear right in front of my eyes!  Six months later, I had to shut my company's doors and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  When I stop and look back on my experience as a CEO in my 20's I realized a few things. Things like I should have been a better listener, I should have treated my power team with the utmost respect at all times, and I should have allowed healthy dialogue and inclusion in my organization.  Today, when I conduct business I am much more mindful of my behavior, and how I treat others.  I LISTEN MORE and talk less; I allow people to express their thoughts and opinions healthily and respectfully.  However, above all else, I always keep my eye on the prize and trust the people that I have around me.  I do not care how hard you work, how much you pour in your blood, sweat, and tears, no one can build a "true empire" without help.  So it is vital that you have a POWER TEAM around you, to help you stay on track so you can achieve the goals you desire!

Things to consider when building your POWER TEAM:

1. Do they have the same work ethic as you?

2. Do they have a passion for your brand?

3. Do they have the brands' best interest in mind?

4. Are they teachable?

5. Can they handle change?

When building that team, it also takes work on my part. When I have delegated the tasks, I must believe in my trusted team to do the job to the best of their ability, to positively reflect the brand.  However, I also must listen to all suggestions and concerns they have as we are trying to grow the brand and vision together.  I have to realize that I can't do it all myself and there is no need for me to have control of every situation.  Also, that letting go of control and letting someone else do their job, is a TRUE sign of displaying responsibility as an effective leader!

Two main things you must do to keep a power team:

1. Appreciate them.  

a. Not just professionally but personally too.

b. Express your gratitude towards the team on a consistent basis.

2. Always be present for the team.

a. Communicate promptly with emails, calls, text, etc.

b. Have transparent communication across the board.

c. Listen to them; you don't always have to have the answers to everything.

So I challenge you to take a look around and evaluate your team.

Remember sometimes letting go of things that do not benefit you is the best thing you can do for the brand, yourself, and your team to elevate to the next level.

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker