Through 2020 I have learned a lot as a coach,


Through 2020 I have learned a lot as a coach, mentor, individual overall. I’ve learned how to deal with adversity at a high-level, I’ve learned how to pivot to reach your target audience through strategic marketing and branding, I have learned also how to be more patient as a team leader. But the three things I have learned most in this 2020 pandemic or the following....

1 Be Cognitive Not Emotional:

So many business leaders unfortunately have cracked under the pressure of COVID-19 this year, Which is totally understandable, but it is not healthy or sustainable to grow and run a business operation. As a team leader, employee, or anyone that is part of a team culture you must remain cognitive under any circumstances. You cannot let your emotions get the best of you, and cause you to make bad decisions. I became emotional back in 2012 with my eight figure a year construction business, the minute I became an emotional not cognitive leader, the business ended up closing it’s doors and I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and lost everything I owned in a matter of 90 days. So please learn from my mistakes and under any and all circumstances remain cognizant, never ever get emotional in business!

2 Your Team Is Your Lifeline:

Our brand has been fortunate to sustain during this global pandemic. The only reason our company has been able to do so is from the amazing team members that we have in the organization. Our team has been steady, consistent, and extremely loyal to our organization through this entire 2020 crazy year! When you surround yourself with the right people who have an alignment around a unified shared vision, there is no adversity, difficulties that you all cannot overcome together. The main thing you must do with your team is making them feel the environment is one of the healthiest inclusion. When you create an environment where your employees can express themselves without fear of being judged, you are creating a healthy, winning environment!


To our brand PIVOT stands for (Poised, Inspire, Victory Mindset, Observing, Tactician). When you are someone that can remain poised, inspire others to achieve greatness, have a victory mindset where everyone around you growth is your concern, observe the surroundings you are in, and be a tactician of your strategy you can PIVOT through any difficult situation! This year organizations that has pivoted are the ones that are sustaining through this harsh economic times!

These three traits are what I have learned the most in 2020. So we feel if you can apply these things to your business, you can achieve whatever your heart desire‘s!!!