The Avalanche Theory


“Marques, you should just go back to coaching football.”

“Marques, you will never make it as a speaker.”

“Marques, just stick with what your good at and coach football.”

Have you ever heard any comments like these before? Why is when you go to chase your vision there are the critics who always want to tell you that you can’t do something, or you will never succeed? When I keynote speak, or coach with my executive coaching clients I refer to this as the “The Avalanche Theory", this theory was brought to my attention by my good friend Mrs. Mel Robbins. The theory is a challenge for you, to see how you will handle people who will constantly discourage you from chasing your VISION.

When I lost my construction company, and was one week away from being homeless, The Gene Upshaw Trust Program stepped in to help me relocate because my cars, my home and everything else I owned had been repossessed. I relocated from Baltimore, MD. to Cary, NC. where my wife’s family resided. I began to build a business off my football coaching abilities, and it was still not enough to support my family. I ended up getting a full-time night shift janitorial position making $8.25 per hour, which I gave 100% effort to as it was the only job I could get at that time. I went to work during the day coaching kids, and then would work the janitorial job in the evening into the early hours of the morning. It was then one early morning I was taking out the trash, and someone’s spoiled milk got on my skin. I sat on the curb tears began to roll down my face, and it was then I thought this is can not be the rest of my life. I need to be out in society helping others learn from my mistakes so they did not end up going through the same financial nightmare that I had experienced.

I went home sat at the kitchen table, and began to write out my vision. My wife Bonnie was a little hesitant at first, just because of what had been going on in our lives. But she never discouraged me from chasing my vision. There was a handful of people that supported me, the rest constantly discouraged me and were part of “The Avalanche Theory.” It was then I had decided that I could continue to listen to people try to talk me into believing that my vision was not achievable, or it was up to me to build up my confidence to push through all the fears I was experiencing.

Ways to push through “The Avalanche Theory.”

1.    Know your WHY (not just for the money, but why are you genuinely wanting to chase this vision)

2.    Write out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals (be specific, give yourself a timeline so you can track your success and growth)

3.    Hire a Coach/Mentor (to hold you accountable, assist you in achieving your goals, help you through the challenging times)

4.    Daily self-development (through exercise, meditation, hobbies, reading, self-development books, webinars, or podcasts. Time for you to unplug and unwind/rejuvenate yourself)

5.    Believe in YOU (again this where a coach, mentor and finding a core group of people to surround yourself with that believes in your vision and wants to see you succeed is critical)

Take time to reflect on your journey, think of all the obstacles you have overcome and pushed through to get where you are today.

What gives you the confidence to keep grinding? Is it your family, your significant other, your friends, or your relentless desire to be your best?

My challenge to you is to find someone who is chasing a new vision, going for a job promotion, or becoming an entrepreneur. See how you can be of support to them, and their new vision. Can you help them get through the challenging times, be there to believe in them, and most importantly be there to listen?

Always remember having a strong support group will help you achieve your vision and goals!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker