Surefire skill you must master this year to create effective and powerful leadership within your team.


Building a brand with a team of Leaders who lead with listening is crucial. Leaders who master the skill of listening are the most humble leaders.

Do not build a team of “Yes” team members, build a team of honest and real team members, who are willing to give you honest and constructive feedback. Some people look at being humble as a weakness, when it should actually be recognized as a strength in people. Transparency and Effective communication is key to achieving strong relationships between team members, building inspiration, and increasing profitability through achieving the desired results.

When you carry to much pride and have a BIG EGO as a leader it tends to seclude you from the team and increases your chances of experiencing more errors, poor decision making, and will destroy relationships. Instead let the ego go and build a power team of knowledgable, competent, and confident individuals who can provide honest, authentic, and timely feedback. As a leader, you often feel like you need to know everything and that is not true. Great leaders are those who ask for help when needed, know the resources to refer individuals to when they are unable to assist, and they welcome feedback and constructive thoughts of others.

Mastering your listening skills and becoming more of a humble leader you become more approachable, trusting, and reliable through your team’s eyes. Having strong leadership skills allows you to create an inclusive environment where each team member finds a sense of purpose and respect.

The more successful your organization and team becomes requires you as a leader to remain in touch with all new and upcoming items that can add to the efficiency of your team and organization. Be a leader who inspires others to embrace change, encourage feedback, and grow as leaders themselves. Organizations that remain strong with an excellent foundation of leadership, through all the changing times and in the competitive market place increase their chances of success and profitability.

Leaders who do not master the art of listening will be surrounded by individuals who have nothing to say. Which will lead to communication barriers, critical errors,  loss of inclusion, which could easily lead to the demise of your brand!

In conclusion, LEARN TO LISTEN MORE!

Listen authentically to understand someone’s real problem,  and not just to reply. Be present and intentional with all communication and eliminate distractions.  By doing this you give yourself the best chance to succeed in all areas personally and professionally!‍

Marques Ogden

Keynote Speaker/Executive Coach