Remaining Productive while working Remotely

Deliberately planning your day ahead of time allows you to create a consistent and productive workday at home. Which will decrease procrastination, distractions, and energy levels?
Keep the focus by:
Start your day as Early as Possible
can also make you happier.
•Allows you to be more productive.
•Allows you to set the intentions for the day
•Creates the energy you want for the day
Dedicate Mornings to high priority projects
•Finish all high priority projects before 12 pm allow you to have a more successful and productive day
Not a Morning Person
•Plan your tasks accordingly and make those your productive hours.
•Schedule all high priority projects to be during your "high energy" hours
Successful Morning requires you to be intentional the night before
•Plan out your next day before going to bed.
Keep the structure you would have at the office
Separate Work  From Relaxing
•Design and designate an area within your home that is only for work.
•Make sure this area gives you privacy and allows you to control the noise level
Remain connected to Team
•Virtual meetings
•Virtual happy hours
•Ice breaker games
•Morning team calls
•Group chats
How you choose to make the best of working from home will determine your productivity and mental health and happiness.
Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “While you are alone you are entirely your own master.”