People Who Set Goals Are Successful


People Who Set Goals Are Successful

Setting goals is a task that everyone must embark upon. Understanding what you want in life, whether you do it every New Year's or at different times throughout the year, will keep you from feeling like you're just wandering through each day without direction. Knowing your mission and goals inspires you always to get up and take action every day.

Goal-setting will keep you focused on your aspirations in all facets of your life. Whether it's shedding weight to reclaim your health or elevating your overall revenue to relocate to a warmer area, recognizing what you want empowers you to take action. After all, nothing happens in life until we take action.

Famous People Who Set Goals and Persevered through Obstacles

Don't become discouraged if you've previously failed to meet your goals. Even most celebrities and company owners have had setbacks but have continued to succeed.

Beyoncé, the queen of entertainment, keeps a photograph of an Academy Award next to her treadmill, where she can see it every day. She earned an Oscar in 2013 for the theme song to the James Bond film Skyfall.

Michael Jordan, possibly one of the greatest professional basketball players, was rejected by his high school varsity basketball team because of his height or should we say lack there of. When he was informed he would never play at that level, Michael accelerated his training and envisioned his name in a professional locker room.

When Walt Disney offered his Disney World theme park proposal, numerous bankers laughed. They have had the last laugh because the entire Disney franchise – including the various theme parks, movies, and merchandise – is now worth billions of dollars.

JK Rowling, best renowned for writing the Harry Potter series, could not persuade book publishers to speak with her. Despite relying on food stamps to make ends meet, she eventually found a publisher who agreed to publish her novel after the publisher's daughter began reading it and became enthralled.

Thomas Edison was another individual classified as "dumb" by his teachers, despite holding over 1,000 patents for discoveries at one point. Edison is known for creating the lightbulb, but he is also known for saying, "I have not failed." "I've just discovered 10,000 ways that will not work."

Not having achieved all your goals and aspirations, does not mean you should give up. Revise your plans, clarify what is most important in your life, and push toward your goals.

Consider your failures to be lessons learned.