New Year New You!


New Year doesn’t mean New You unless you are willing to start being uncomfortable with failing, taking risks, and being courageous.

According to studies, on average, only 8% of all people will fulfill their New Years Resolution they set for themselves.

The biggest issue most individuals encounter is that the goals become broken promises to ourselves which lowers our self-confidence and self-worth.

Key things to remember for 2021:

It would be best if you learned to adapt to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
You must incorporate new habits and let go of old habits.
It would be best if you stretched yourself beyond comfort to grow. Growing Pains are challenging but will always be worth it in the end.
You must remain true to your vision and goals without allowing distractions to set you off course; if they do, you must recommit and get back on track as soon as possible.
You must have an accountiability partner; success is never reached alone.

Steps to having a prosperous New Year
Turn your passion into a blueprint of action steps you will take to achieve your goals. Passion alone will not take you to the finish line and beyond.
Tune out the non-believers, do not allow negative distractions to pressure you into changing your goals or setting different expectations for yourself.
Remove all expectations that this is going to be easy. You must be willing to fail and get right back up again without losing the passion for your goals.
You must be willing to Believe it and Believe in yourself before you will be able to achieve success. Do not let the fear of being happy allow self-doubt to take over.
You must be willing to face your weaknesses and embrace your strengths. There is no shortcut to success so remember that change starts within YOU.

Each day is a new opportunity for YOU to create the change you want to see in life. Pivoting when facing obstacle or challenges is critical. Self-Improvement is a life long commitment you make to yourself.

However, it would help if you remembered that you could buy every book, listen to every podcast, and attend every workshop. Still, if you are not willing to take the information you learn and put it into action, you will never see the actual results.

Stop waiting. Start your journey to the new YOU, Today.

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