"Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart." -Anonymous


"Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart." -Anonymous

Everybody I spoke with to get hired for a speaking job told me "no" on every job I went after for 2.5 years straight! If I quit today, I had to remind myself that all of these years and time of hard work would be for nothing. I was letting all the naysayers win, so I used it as inspiration to keep persevering towards my goals.

What if you weren't afraid of failure and the word 'no' didn't exist anymore? What if you realized that failure was the key secret to success?

Ask any highly successful person, and they will tell you that some of their most significant accomplishments came from creating success from their failures.

Tips to Changing your FAILING MINDSET:
* See Failures as stepping stones to success.
* Go for the "no" - the more "no's" you hear gets you closer to reaching success.
* Don't just set success goals - set "No" goals. Being told "no" allows you not to stop just because you have reached all your goals, but to challenge you to persevere because you have not reached your "no" goals.
* Celebrate your Failures as you would celebrate your success
* Failure is the vehicle to success, so use courage as your fuel.

Remember, once must change their mental mindset, take risks that will increase your failure rate, set "no" goals, and most of all, use courage as your primary fuel to keep pushing you towards your goals.

These essential tips are not just for business, use this in your personal life and see how your life can change positively.