Listen First, then Speak


Effective working relationships among employees and leadership start with listening.

Mastering your Listening Skills:

1. Give the other person your full attention

2. Maintain eye contact throughout the entire conversation

3. Reply back to their remarks

4. Ask questions to show your engagement

5. Ask for understanding of conversation if not 100% sure, so you can be able to have total clarity

Here a few things you achieve by mastering your listening skills:

1. Obtain Important Information:

A. allows you to understand a person or situation with all facts needed to help the situation

2. Developing Relationship

A. Builds trust

B. You can observe a person's nonverbal communication

C. Become aware of an individual's strengths

3. Maintain a Positive Work Environment

A. Eliminates tension and confusion with job tasks

B. Allows all workers to feel energized to achieve more

C. Staff can accomplish more promptly the requested assignments they have been asked to complete

4. Reduce Confusion

A. To whom is required to handle each task

B. Understanding of individual's verbal and nonverbal cue's

5. Satisfied & Energetic Employees

A. Understanding what inspires each employee

B. Discover what employee's find most rewarding for them in the work environment

C. Become aware of any challenges and obstacles, and learn how to address them accordingly so they don’t potentially become a bigger problem down the road

D. Keeps communication open, allows the company to produce more profitable revenue

In the summer of 2012 I had a heart to heart conversation with my top employee, who ran the sales division of my company.  I vividly remember him telling me, “Marques, if we don’t stop putting all of our financial resources into this one job, we won’t have a company in 6 months.”  He tried to explain to me his reasoning for thinking this way, so I could get out in front of it and get our company back on the right track!  Instead of truly LISTENING to him, I shunned him.  I did not truly listen to anything he had to say, I showed him no respect, and told him flat out HE WAS WRONG. That following day, he came into the office and handed me his resignation papers. Stating he just could not continue to work with someone who does not listen. 6 months to the day my company declared chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This is a classic example of how not listening cost me my home, my cars, my assets, and almost my life.  So I tell my coaching clients and keynote speaking clients this all the time... “ the best leaders are advisable!” When you are humble enough to take guidance and advice, it shows you truly have the strength to be an excellent leader!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker