Great Success Comes With TEAMWORK


Why is TEAMWORK essential for success?

The strength of a team in the workplace is an essential factor for success. With a strong team, a robust work environment will be created. From the amount of energy the group can produce, to the open and transparent communication, the passion and dedication they put behind the project. When a brand is working from the right foundation of GOOD EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK, there is nothing they can not accomplish!

When I was drafted into the NFL as a rookie in 2003, I had the pleasure of working for a fantastic head coach, Coach Jack Del Rio. I will not forget the speech he gave our team the night before our first game. He told us “guys, all we can count on this season is us. No one outside of this room thinks we can do anything this season, but it doesn’t matter what anyone outside this room thinks, WE CONTROL OUR DESTINY! If we come together as A TRUE TEAM, we are going to accomplish great things this year in The National Football League!” That speech is one of the most memorable of my NFL career. That speech transcended into my next job after The NFL, when I built my 8 figure construction business.

I would always tell my employees that our brand is a TEAM unit, and we need to treat each other like family. That doesn’t mean we have to agree all the time or tell each other what we want to hear. However, it does say that we are going to respect each other at all times and that everyone on the TEAM should be treated with the highest level of professionalism and manners.

The word TEAM has an extraordinary meaning to me. Incorporating these four characteristics, that make up the acronym TEAM, can help elevate your team, and brand to a higher level!

T: TEACHABLE Don’t think you know everything. Be willing to learn from others, and take constructive criticism to become a master of your craft.

E: ENGAGED When you are talking to people, truly be engaged in the conversation.  Don’t be just present in the body, indeed have your mind, body, and soul involved in what you are doing.

A: ADAPTABLE When times change, you need to be able to change as well. Adapting is a massive part of being able to position yourself to do your best.

M: MOTIVATED If you are not motivated to be the best at whatever you decide to do, then don’t even waste your time starting the project.

The more you focus on bettering yourself as a whole, the more you will improve the overall success of the team and your brand. If you are looking to create change within a group, it has to start with YOU. If you are a leader and are not showing the others the way by living out the vision and expectations of the team, you can not expect your team to perform any different.

How do you create a TEAM that is highly successful?

Taking action in these four areas will set your team up for success, building up an individual one by one. When your weakest link is super strong, your vision and brand are bound to be successful!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker