Five Strategies for Overcoming Your Fear of Selling


If you own a company, your primary objective is undoubtedly to earn money. However, the only way to make money is to sell something, whether a product or service. So what if you're paralyzed by fear of selling? Predictably, you will earn little money, and you will be operating a hobby rather than a company.

If you want to increase your income, you must conquer your fear of selling. The following strategies can help you reset your selling perspective and conquer your fear of selling:

1. Avoid selling and instead engage in conversation. If you're concerned about being viewed as the aggressive, hard-sell salesman who follows you throughout the shop, begin by conversing. You will not persuade someone to purchase the first time you meet them, so instead, ask them about their company. By asking questions, you can determine if they are prospects (or not) and then follow up at a later date.

2. Instead of selling, provide your expertise. What is the ultimate goal of each product or service? They are ALL intended to fix an issue. Instead of selling them your product, approach each prospective lead to assist them in resolving a problem. Helping has a more positive connotation than selling, and this mentality may make it simpler to initiate those qualifying discussions.

3. Begin modestly. Attempting to conquer the globe in a single day is impossible. Begin small and inform relatives and friends about your company. Extend your reach in your local neighborhood by attending business events in person. Begin your networking efforts online. You might establish yourself as a social media darling by constantly publishing on social media. Repeat all of these procedures until you've created a well-oiled networking engine that generates leads.

4. Maintain a laser-like focus on your objectives. Promoting your goods and services gets more straightforward when you have your WHY in mind: Why are you in business? What are your goals? What is your timetable for achieving those objectives? Establishing reasonable deadlines can keep you inspired to sell rather than fighting the urge to take days off to binge-watching Netflix series or spend time doing things that won't assist you with getting closer to your goals. Additionally, communicate your objectives to your spouse, business colleague, or accountability partner. When you know that others will inquire about your progress, you will feel inspired.

5. Show enthusiasm for your goods and services. When you are confident in your offers, it is much simpler to enter sales mode. Market research is necessary. Recognize your audience's grounds of concern. Create a product or service that addresses those places of pain. Create the most satisfactory possible product/service and then present it to the world. Your enthusiasm will spread to all of your followers and supporters.

Bonus Tip: Request testimonials from satisfied consumers and read them whenever you are in doubt. Reading those success stories and encouraging remarks can do wonders for your diminishing self-esteem.

Finally, while marketing your business, be yourself. Not attempt to mirror your competitors. Feel no obligation to impersonate your favorite mentor or guru. You are unique, and your target audience will attract to YOU as a result of your authenticity.

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker