EXCUSES will always be there. OPPORTUNITY will not!


Successful people share many qualities and traits, but perhaps the most important is the ability to push past all their excuses.  It is easy for so many of us in life to get hung up on excuses. We tend to find excuses because we lack self confidence, we let fear take over, or we just don’t have enough passion behind our goals/visions.

Excuses do not get you results, you can't have success if you constantly have an excuse to why you can’t do something.  You have to stop using excuses as hurdles in your path to achieving success. We all can make excuses, but eliminating them or pushing past them is what separates the successful people from the non successful people.

Excuses tend to lead to procrastination and with that you end up not achieving your vision within a desired time frame.

5 years ago when I started keynote speaking I was not achieving ANY success.  I constantly would make excuses for myself, to make myself feel better for not being successful. These excuses would be saying things like “I don’t need that client,” “I’m better off without them,” or things similar to make myself feel better, or shift the blame off myself.  In reality I was the person to blame for not getting hired. I did not have the right marketing materials, a good website, effective videos of me speaking, or any of the things needed to show potential clients they should work with me.

Once I stopped making excuses for myself, and started to pursue my craft with excellence, things got so much better for me.  I am here to tell you today, that this can be the same scenario for you!  Here are a few common excuses that I use to always say when I was trying to build my career, and below each excuse are some strategies you can do to eliminate these excuses and push right by them!!!

The common excuses that are easier to over come:

1. Don’t have the money  (Trade Services, Apply for Grants and Loans, Start with what you can afford)

2. Not enough time (Make a list of priorities, Break down priorities into highest to lowest)

3. Not the right time (NOW is the perfect time)

4. Fear of Unknown (If you never take a chance you will never know what your capable of accomplishing)

5. Don’t have the skills/degrees (Passion, Emotion & Drive can be equivalent to lack of educational knowledge)

6. Core group of friends/family tell you that you can’t. (You will always have the believers and non believers)

7. Not being able to have all you need right away (Start with the necessities and then build as you go)

8. Not knowing where to start (Start by writing down your vision)

9. Not knowing the right connections/network of people. (Share your vision with people so they can introduce you to other people in their network)

10. Not believing in yourself. (If you can’t bet on yourself what makes you think others will bet on you)

You can’t complain about not getting the results you want, if your not willing to put in the work.  Also, you must have the work done within a specific time frame to be successful!

 MarquesOgden, Keynote Speake