Everyone does three things:


they fear the unknown, they freeze, or they do not see fear.

If you’re an entrepreneur, whether you own a business or running a large corporation, the more you work together, the more your team can handle the unknown.

The culture of individuals you create determines how they take on the unknown.

It’s a lot like football; your mindset is you will win, and the whole team has the same attitude. Each time we choose a play, we line up against our competitor, we execute; however, you must be prepared for the unknown, and any given time, you have to be able to pivot.

NFL to Entrepreneurship

Great brands create a culture around a standard set of values and purpose.
A culture of inclusion

Come together for one common goal.
Win or learn
Alignment of a shared vision
Unified front
Great atmosphere

Know the team
What makes them “tick.”
Pattern Recognition
Become a good listener
Know whom to delegate tasks to

Constructive feedback
Get to know the behavior
Know the client/employee
Mentor someone
Implement the feedback

When you run your business with this type of high, professional standards, you put your self in the best position to succeed!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker