Motivation comes from the word ‘motive’ which is the needs of a person that drives them. Motivating others is an outside-in approach to leadership that is not sustainable over time because people don’t need motivation. Inspiration is when an individual is mentally encouraged to do something. Inspiring people is an inside-out approach to leadership that is entirely self-sustaining, as people strive to reach their fullest potential.

Leaders often fail to understand human motivation: people are intrinsically motivated beings. They come to work for two reasons to earn the economic means cover their needs and to make a difference. Where leaders and companies often struggle with developing their teams along with myself, we always strive to motivate others when we should be inspiring them.

Once I changed my speaking from motivational to inspirational, my story became more impactful. I noticed more people being impacted and leaving lasting impressions on them. That is when my speaking career soared.

Motivation tended to be very short-lived and filled with the emotions you are feeling that day, it comes and goes depending on the day. Inspiration is a lifestyle change where a person will make a long-lasting difference with systemic change.

My challenge to you is:

How will you make your leadership skills more INSPIRING vs. MOTIVATING for your team?

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker