Developing good leaders is an achievement that many organizations strive for.


Every successful organization needs a strong leader at every level of its business. Organizations invest a lot of effort, time, and money in the development of their staff. However, several areas continue to be a struggle for most organizations. In leadership you must be able to lead, grow, and influence employees to achieve the maximum desired results you are looking for as an organization.

Here are a few challenges most organizations will face:

1. Effective Communication

* Is your communication clear, consistent, and easily transcended down to your team

2. Implementing change

* Having a successful strategy to make the transition smooth and to avoid misinformation and confusion.

3. Inclusive Environment

* Environment where everyone’s ideas, feelings, and opinions can be shared.

In February of 2018, I was granted the opportunity to be coached by the world renown Mel Robbins.  Mel sat me down for a one on one coaching session, that is on her fantastic platform “Kick-Ass With Mel!”  After hearing my testimony, Mel offered me a challenge that changed my life forever.  She said to me “Marques, how can you effectively lead others, if you don’t have a clear vision to achieve success?  You need to start time traveling and plan 2-5 years ahead, so you can effectively lead your brand to achieve ultimate success!”  I literally remember my jaw dropping down to the floor, and I was sitting there in total shock that she was 100 percent right.

At that moment, I stopped trying to lead others with words out of my mouth.  I stopped working to be a leader altogether, and I only just focused on doing “consistent actions” that displayed my efforts and desire to be the best.  When I started doing that, my actions spoke louder than any words I could ever say, and that is when people started looking at me more as a leader.  And that’s when I realized that servant leadership is the type of leadership that everyone should strive to achieve on a daily basis.

Leadership is not a position or title, its action, an example that you do every single day, that allows you and others to live the best life possible!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker