"Create a psychologically safe environment for your employees to express themselves."


The most profound part of my story is the fall of my construction business. I reflect daily on the trials I faced and how to consistently improve my mission - to serve and inspire others to grow successfully.

One of the biggest reasons my company failed was that I did not maintain a positive culture. Some of my best employees would try to speak with me on issues and I would shut them out.

That same negative attitude led to me to an unhappy staff and ultimately, a failed business. Hindsight is 20/20!

Today, I have used this key learning as a talking point when speaking with my audience. Companies must create a psychologically safe environment for employees to share dialogue. Problems get solved and solutions are created. Not only is it exciting to share this learning with others, but to also have clients running their businesses on this same initiative.

AXA Advisors (a Fortune 25 company) delivers on this same promise. I have been given the opportunity to speak for AXA in NYC this upcoming September. There's nothing more exciting than working with a client who believes in the same mission. AXA highly encourages their employees to speak their mind and it has allowed for one of the best cultures in the insurance industry to date.