Becoming the Best Mentor in Leadership


Who do you turn to for guidance, when it comes to your own personal growth?

It doesn't matter how long a person has been in a position, or how old an individual is. As long as you have the mindset to wanting to see others succeed and grow, then you can be an even more effective mentor/leader.

When I think of being a mentor in a leadership role, the first thing that I feel is important is to understand you have to become a servant leader.

To be an effective mentor/leader, one must adapt themselves to the situation with an open mindset and a positive attitude. You must not force other's to conform to your way of thinking, we must appreciate each own individual uniqueness, and let them express their thoughts and opinions without judging them. You will then begin to learn how you serve other's first according to each individuals needs. When in a mentor role/leadership role we often try to lead others all the same with the same approach, when in reality each person is working at their level and with their style, so what may work for one individual may notwork for another.  Which is why it is so critical to be a leader who gets to TRULY know his or her staff!  When you get to know people and what makes them who they are, you can put yourself in the best position to serve them as a leader.

As a mentor/leader we all should be listening to voices of the next upcoming generation, hearing what they have to say can only help us grow as mentors/leaders for we were raised in a different generation. This allows you and your team to be able to develop and adaptive to new ways, which is critical to stay ahead in your specific industry and market.  Everyone has leadership ability. It’s how we use our leadership abilities that decides if we are a positive role model for others.

One must have the following characteristics to be a mentor/leader:

~Awareness - must have an open mindset which allows them to be aware of all that is around them

~Commitment to growing people - must be capable of increasing others confidence and abilities, allowing each to become the best version of themselves, along with maximizing each's abilities

~Empathy - must be able to identify with others, accept what others can contribute,embracing each imperfection of an individual as their uniqueness.  Also above all else, being able to relate to them with your authentic and genuine approach

~Visionary - must be good at decision making, and keeping the focus on the primary goal. The lack of decision-making skills and visionary skills can cause then demise of any brand.  This I know from personal experience

~Listening -  you must be able to listen first then speak, this will build trust and true relationships

~Delegation - must be willing to use their talents to encourage others to want to do their part, you can not do it alone.

~Communication - needs to have effective communication skills which allow the message to be understood without confusion

Back in 2012, I was 31 years old and thought I knew everything. I thought I was the smartest, most talented person in the universe.  Looking back on that situation now at the age of 37, I realize that I was an ineffective leader.  I did not have a mentor/coach to guide me in how to continually grow my booming business.  Due to that fact, I made some really poor decisions and ended up going bankrupt in 2013. Today, my passion is keynote speaking, and executive coaching others on how to look at their vision with a “clear” set of eyes.  I work with my clients on how to create a strategy/blueprint to help elevate themselves and their brands to the next level!

I feel that it is imperative for everyone to have a coach to hold them accountable in their journey.  When you have nobody to hold you accountable to achieving your vision, I believe it is extremely hard to reach your full potential, and experience optimal success!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker