Are you wondering can YOU be an Entrepreneur?


I am writing this blog to share with you everything I have learned that has helped me have a successful entrepreneurial journey. Yes, YOU can be an entrepreneur. However, not everyone is going to have the same level of success throughout their journey. Each Entrepreneur will have their own experiences from failure to success, and growth of their brand.

Entrepreneurs will need strength, perseverance, and grit. There are no prerequisites on becoming an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship comes in many different forms. It does not matter where you grew up, how you grew up, and what resources you have. 

An entrepreneur is a highly creative and motivated individual who strives to build a business enterprise for profitable gain. Which in most cases, entrepreneurs will take on a higher than normal financial risks to pursue their visions.

Entrepreneurs are those who see a problem, create a solution, and go out into the world and solve the problem. They are the ones who do not give up, do not listen to others negativity, and they believe in themselves and the value they bring to others. 

Entrepreneurship starts with belief and passion YOU have for a specific service or value you can offer others.

  1. The foundation of your brand.
  2. The value you will bring to others.
  3. The customer experience you will want to deliver.
  4. The power team you want to represent your brand.
  5. The legacy you will want to leave for others to share with generations to come. 

Focus on Identifying clients "WHY." 

Focus on creating value fitting to clients "WHY" vs. trying to find a solution to a temporary problem. 

Top 3 questions one must ask their clients:

  1. What is your client's mission for their Brand/Business?
  2. What are their pain points, long term, and short term struggles?
  3. What are their goals and vision for their brand/business?

Establish a Credible Value

  1. Identifying your target AVATAR
  • Who is Ideally going to receive value from your brand? (age, gender, ethnicity, profession)
  1. Identifying your demographics
  • Where are your Avatars located?
  1. Identifying your client's desires and needs
  • What is personal and professional goals?
  1. Create a superior customer experience
  • How do you want to leave clients feeling?

Once you have validated your brand's mission and have identified your ideal clients, you can spend more time developing your brand as a whole. Building long term, valuable, and meaningful relationships with clients. 

Marques Ogden


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