5 Strategies for Finding Video Content to Share


5 Strategies for Finding Video Content to Share

To successfully use video in your business, you must know what you want to say. Even if you're a speaker, planning your content lets you ensure that your video, email campaign, and sales offer all work together.

Planning your content strategy also removes the worry that you'll wake up on the day of recording and have nothing to say. With a plan, you'll know the topic well and have plenty of time to prepare your talking points or research the subject.

Where to start with your subject matter?

1. Share your Business

Look at the things that are close to you. Start by introducing yourself. Talk about what you do. Answer the most frequently asked questions you get. Tell your audiences WHY you started your business. Tell them what inspires you. Show off your products, courses, or programs. Explain HOW you can be a solution to your audience.

2. Your area of expertise.

Keep up with what's going on in your field and share news. Explain any controversial or hard-to-understand topics in a way that anyone can understand. Talk about any events or conferences you're a part of. Tell your audience and your clients HOW your area of expertise will help them. Interview other people who are making things happen in your field.

3. What do your followers want to know?

Pay attention to what the people who follow you online say and do. Address any questions or comments you receive through social media. Set a day and time for Q&A or general information sessions about your area of expertise. Discuss the easiest ways to get your business in order if you're a business coach. Your followers will tell you what they need and want, and you must listen to those conversations.

4. Your blog posts/podcast interviews

You can make a video on your blog about anything you've written. Plus, you can reach two different kinds of people with one topic. Some people like to read, while others watch videos or listen to podcasts. Keep the blog post on your site, but talk about the same thing in a video to reach people who like to watch videos. When you look at old blog posts for ideas, you can also update the information or add more details.

5. Break down "Big Topics."

If you've already talked about big ideas in your videos, take some time to narrow your focus for your next one. A business coach can make videos that show how setting up a Corporation is different from setting up an LLC. Just know that you don't have to stick to the broad, general topic. Narrow it down and become someone your audience can trust.