4 Key Areas to invest in to grow your brand


Six years ago, when I started speaking, I was full of passion, desire, and energy to help audience members succeed in their general everyday lives.

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The areas I spent time and energy on were telling people my story and trying to prove to them that I belonged on their stage and within their brand to help them achieve greater success in areas where they were struggling.

Fast forward three years (2016) It was brought to my attention that my branding, marketing, and keynote speeches were just stories verses adding real value that consists of action item takeaways. Once I mastered the adding value to my keynote speeches, I become more sought after and I began to impact and influence others in a more inspiring and valuable way.

As I spoke on more stages, I realized I was lacking at attaining spin-off work from current and past keynote speeches. As I analyzed our brand, it became aware to me that it required me to make changes in 4 significant areas.

1). High-quality website- My first website was all about me nothing about how I could bring value in multiple areas of speaking, leadership, and coaching. I began to invest in a professional website designer, and that was a game changer for our brand. Today with the help of a designer, my production team, and my partner Dawn our website has been taken to a whole another level, which in turn has dramatically increased our brand awareness and profitable revenue across the board.

My challenge to you: Have an outside source analyze and constructively review your website to what they see you could add or take away. Remember this is to benefit you not to affect you personally.

2). Capture Live Speaking Events- I began by allowing individuals within the room to just tape clips of me speaking, and then I would share via social media channels and emails. When I was made aware of the value, it would add to my brand through hiring a production team to travel with me to film and edit all my speaking engagements it began to take my brand to a whole new profitable level.

My challenge to you: Invest in a videographer (a good one) it is a cost, but in the long run, the ROI you will get will pay for your videographer over and over.

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3). Multiple references, and written Testimonials: What you say and believe about yourself will build your self-confidence. Its what others say about you that will develop your Book of Business. When I began to ask for testimonials that changed the game, having to prove less of yourself to others and your clients and customers, start marketing you. There is no better way to market than through word of mouth.

My challenge to you: Find people who believe in you, Believe in your vision and values and have them create real passion filled testimonials.

4). Video Testimonials / Video Content - today society so many people will scroll social media during times when they really should not be because of the convenience of having it at the tip of fingers. So today, make sure that you are having a balance of written and video. Many people would rather listen to 45-60 sec clip rather than read. Video does not have to be professional. Set up an area in the house or office where the sound is good, lighting is good and video yourself. The audience relates better to real and raw material rather than staged content. BE YOU.

Struggling to be known/grow:

➡️Is your website up to date?

➡️Are you posting new valuable content daily?

Recycle and reuse old content again:

➡️Each time you post it

➡️You target a different audience

➡️Different eyes see it

➡️Convenient and Consistent

➡️Adds creditability

Is your messaging consistent?

➡️Do you show struggles and obstacles?

➡️Do you explain how you overcome things?

➡️Does your content teach your morals and values?

➡️Can you get your audience to build belief in themselves through your message?

Things to do to build your speaking career:

➡️Invest in a video production team

➡️Invest in social media manager/brand strategist

➡️Invest in affiliate/social media marketing (within your brand budget)

➡️Invest in self-growth daily through challenging yourself to grow

Build a robust, powerful team around you:    




Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker