3 Tips for Handling Rejection Professionally


3 Tips for Handling Rejection Professionally
Have you ever found yourself in the following situation: your website has been professionally redesigned, your goods and services have been spruced up for sale, and you've opened your coaching services while awaiting your first customer?

You will get several sales, coaching inquiries, and email newsletter signups. Then, though, you will get feedback from those who choose not to employ you as a coach. Or sales of your services may dwindle to a trickle. There are several reasons why prospects do not sign up, but it is difficult not to take rejection personally.

Keep in mind that they are not rejecting YOU personally; they just are not ready to employ a coach at this time.  How you respond to this rejection will determine your company's growth over the years.

1.     Thank your customers for their feedback. Many individuals are reluctant to provide constructive feedback, yet it may only benefit you in the long term. Many individuals are unwilling to provide constructive feedback, yet it may only help you in the long term.  How can you develop without knowing why you were rejected? Conversely, it is not the time to blacklist them on social media. Continue to follow them, reply to their posts and comments, and demonstrate to them and the rest of the world that you are accessible should they change their mind about coaching.

2.    Provide a coaching alternative at a lesser cost. If a prospect cannot afford your one-on-one coaching, recommend a group program, eBook, or home study course. You should offer a variety of items at various price ranges so that you may attract a diverse clientele regardless of their economic standing. If you don't have a library yet, urge them to sign up for your email list so you can remain in touch with them and inform them when new products or services are introduced.

3.     Maintain consistency in your marketing endeavors. Do not give up just because your sales have slowed. Find other methods to reach your target market. Be proactive with your email marketing offerings. Boost your social media posting frequency to increase your exposure. Utilize in-person networking events to meet local company owners. It's challenging to establish a company in the shadows, so make a concerted effort to go into the limelight and sound your own trumpet.

Importantly, you must have a method for following up with those who have declined your guidance. Perhaps the time is not optimal. Maybe they must first expand their own company before recruiting you. Perhaps they must take care of certain family expenses before concentrating on their company. You never know when the time will be ideal, so always find a means to follow up or maintain contact.

Additionally, seek references. Prospect 1 may not be a good fit, but they may know someone who would be an excellent customer. Because you never know when a personal introduction may lead to your perfect customer, it is essential to inquire.