A power of team needs to understand each individual and they must actively work towards the same vision.

Team building should be trying to achieve cohesion and unison within the brand. This will help you build a solid foundation to succeed! The power team’s edge is the ability to TRUST each other at all cost!

You create that environment by letting people speak freely, and not passing judgment on something someone says just because you don’t like it. You have to be able to allow people to express their thoughts, to create that psychologically safe environment! So people will not be afraid to speak their minds. When people are not afraid to speak their minds, good inclusion arises.  Healthy inclusion solves problems!

Team building is essential because without it the team will never truly grow together as a unit. When organizations grow together, they are more likely to succeed! You build a power team by networking with your inner circle, telling them what you are looking for in your organization and start to build from there!

When it comes to our brand, there are 5 people I spend the most time with, who are the KEY members of my power team

1) Bonnie Ogden: my wife is my business partner and my absolute best friend.  She has been with me the whole way through this roller coaster ride.  She is the key person on my team who vets all the people we work with.  So she is the most crucial part of the HR section of our brand.  So without her, our business would not be where it is today!

2) Dawn Wiener:  Dawn is impressive at creating all of the marketing and strategy behind our brand.  She and I met several years ago through LinkedIn and developed a great friendship.  Dawn is now in charge of all the marketing, branding, and content strategy behind our brand.  So she is the intricate part of the Marketing Section of our brand.  We are blessed to have her on our team, as she is a master of her craft!

3) Donna Buttice: Donna is my speaker manager, and she so crucial to our brand in the area of sales.  Assuming someone wants to book me for a speaking event, Donna is the person that they have to speak with.  She writes all of our contracts, negotiates the terms, and she coordinates the event, so everything runs smoothly.  She is the driving force behind the sales section of our brand!

4) Todd Goldman:  Todd is exceptionally significant in the area of our website.  Todd and his partner built our website to make it easy to navigate and follow for people to know about our brand.  Todd has been one of the big reasons for our brand’s success as people have raved about our website, which is so crucial in the keynote speaking and executive coaching industry!

5) Clay Estes:  Clay and his team handle all of the videography work for our brand!  This aspect is without a doubt one of the most crucial elements of our business.  When I travel the country to a keynote, speak Clay makes sure that I have someone there to video all of my talks, so I can create engaging footage to help me get hired more consistently as a keynote speaker!  So Clay plays a significant role in the Production section of our brand!

These 5 members represent the most critical members of our power team!  They without a doubt embody professionalism, excellence, and high-quality craftsmanship.  All of these individuals are “pivotal” to the success of our brand.

Qualities needed to build a power team:

1. Consistency

2. Commitment

3. Energy

4. Effective Communication

5. Inclusive Environment

6. Coach-able

7. Adaptable

8. Accountability

9. Reliability

‍Remember the old saying “your network is your net worth!”

‍Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


Successful people are those who have failed at something, or at many different things, but instead of letting the failure paralyze them, they take the opportunity to grow and learn from it.

Leaders often take risks, and at times the chances are worth it, and other times, sometimes they are not worth it. However, you must remain positive and driven to push through all that you are faced with.

Developing the right attitude and learning from failure is essential to be a great leader personally and professionally.

What leaders learn by failing:

Failure encourages us to keep pushing forward.

Failure teaches us that it’s only temporary and not fatal.

Failure brings out our strengths.

Failure teaches us to be adaptable and flexible.

Failure reminds us to refocus.

Failure reminds us that it does not define you.

Failure teaches us to remove the emotion from the outcome.

In January of this year, I interviewed for a potential speaking opportunity, that was supposed to take place in downtown Nashville.  After talking with the organization, I thought I was going to get this opportunity, as I felt I did an excellent job with the interview process.  After a week, the organization got back to me and informed me that they decided to go with another keynote speaker, that they felt it was a better fit.  After experiencing defeat, instead of getting mad or frustrated I merely asked the organization this one question.  Could you give me some feedback that could help me as I continue to pursue other speaking opportunities?  The organization emailed me back and said “Marques, you are an amazing speaker.  We just feel your presentation would be a better fit for our sales team.  That’s all!”

So even though I failed at getting this particular speaking job, I did not allow that failure to “derail” me in any way.  I used the overall experience to help me become a better speaker, by learning to ask clients for feedback, instead of getting mad or pout that I did not get that particular job!  Next time you experience some sort of failure in your life, don’t let it ruin your day.

Learn from it, grow from it, and move on to pursue your vision with ambition, drive, and most importantly hard work!!!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker

Marques Ogden

Marques Ogden/Speaker

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