S- STRONG Character

A- ACTION driven orientation

L- LAYOUT your “WHY”

E- EFFICIENCY with tasks

S- STRATEGICAL and Tactical plan

Strong Character: having integrity. Must never trick, push, or pursue anyone into purchasing something for your benefit.

Action – Working to find the best possible solution for clients/consumers needs even if you lose a sale to a competitor

Layout- being proud of what you do.

Efficiency – completing tasks within a designated time frame and remaining true to your word.

Strategical – Make all the effort to create a positive experience for each person.

When you master the art of SALES, you will truly not just elevate the brand you work for and increase your company’s profitability, you will also increase ROI for the clients you are serving by enhancing their brands to the next level as well.

The most successful salespeople keep learning and developing their sales skills. Company-specific training is equally important. Salespeople can’t succeed if they don’t understand their products and how they work.

Track past and present sales numbers to see the results of your team’s success.

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


Success is the ability to create and maintain a profitable brand with a strong foundation of integrity and value.

Success is a brand that strives to make the community and those around them to create a better place.

“The Three Foundational Pillars of Any Successful Business…”

  1. Operational Excellence:
    Internal Communications
    External Communications
    Delegation of Tasks To The Right Team Members
    Strong Policies and Procedures
    Creating and Sustaining A Healthy Work Culture

  2. Quality Products:
    Making Your Product The Best On The Market
    Investing Dollars To Be Sure Your Products Meet Consumers Needs
    Making Sure Your Product Does What You Advertise It Does

  3. Excellent Customer Service:
    Delivering Great Overall Experience To Consumers
    Allowing For Feedback From Consumers
    Acting On Feedback To Make A Better Brand

Any business that sets itself upon these foundational pillars has the best chance to achieve success…

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


they fear the unknown, they freeze, or they do not see fear.

If you’re an entrepreneur, whether you own a business or running a large corporation, the more you work together, the more your team can handle the unknown.

The culture of individuals you create determines how they take on the unknown.

It’s a lot like football; your mindset is you will win, and the whole team has the same attitude. Each time we choose a play, we line up against our competitor, we execute; however, you must be prepared for the unknown, and any given time, you have to be able to pivot.

NFL to Entrepreneurship

Great brands create a culture around a standard set of values and purpose.
A culture of inclusion

Come together for one common goal.
Win or learn
Alignment of a shared vision
Unified front
Great atmosphere

Know the team
What makes them “tick.”
Pattern Recognition
Become a good listener
Know whom to delegate tasks to

Constructive feedback
Get to know the behavior
Know the client/employee
Mentor someone
Implement the feedback

When you run your business with this type of high, professional standards, you put your self in the best position to succeed!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


“Failure” is a word nobody is comfortable with.

But inevitably, failure occurs to all people/companies in different ways. Failing is known to create new strategies that will require taking risks, pivoting, and being innovative. Because success is not possible without implementing these things.

Pivoting comes in gradual/small changes or in sudden/earth-shattering large forms.

When pivoting occurs one must look at:

How to attract and keep new or exsisitng customers?
What tools / resources pivoting will require.
How will pivoting bring monetary value?
The times where you should implement pivoting:

Consistent Negative Feedback
Price “wars” with competitors
Being hyperfocused on one revenue source
Aggressiveness from competitors
Lack of productivity
Toxic Workplace Culture
Steps to Pivoting successfully and smoothly:

Identify the problem
Create a plan of action
Identify what works & what needs to corrected
Remove all “tunnel vision”
Allow suggestions and feedback from others
Remain flexibile when it come to change
Monitor progression closely
Pivoting correctly and effeciently will increase your revenue, empower employees, create more opportunities and operating more strategically.

How have you been pivoting during challenging times?

Marques Ogden

“Success starts with you.”

Marques Ogden

Marques Ogden/Speaker

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