Leadership is doing what is best for the team and the brand overall. Being able to handle Constructive Criticism is an essential part of being an effective leader. Leaders get paid to face and handle challenging situations. As a leader, you must take out the emotions when leading your team, and brand to success. Leadership requires mental toughness. Think of constructive criticism as a way to grow, influence, and challenge others to maximize their potential and abilities.  Leaders must be able to visualize the unexpected outcomes, handle criticism effectively, and not focus on being the most popular.

Constructive Criticism if delivered in the right way will be beneficial to your success cycle. One thing you want to remember as a leader is that you should give constructive criticism both for a person as an individual and for the job itself. Constructive Criticism can inspire and challenge the growth of your team, along with elevating your brand to an even higher level!

Three things when giving constructive criticism:

Be honest & Sincere:

•    Point out where things went wrong

•    Share areas which one can still grow in

Set higher standards:

•    This shows you believe in that person and their abilities

•    Shows the individual that you respect them

Follow Up:

•    Observe them and make sure you compliment them implementing your suggestions

•    Offer any more suggestions that will allow the individual to maximize their abilities and talents.

I remember early in my speaking career I had a tremendous job for a Fortune 500 brand.  I was very excited to deliver this keynote to this company in downtown Chicago.  At the end of my presentation, I got much positive feedback from people in the audience, so I thought I nailed the presentation.  A few days after the event, I got an email from the meeting planner informing me that I did a fantastic job with my stage presence, the audience was totally engaged during my talk, but I could have done a little bit better with teaching the audience some advanced knowledge in the area I was hired for.

After reading that email, I first was extremely disappointed in myself because I thought I let my client down.  After taking some time to process the information I received, I realized that I could have done better in educating my client.  So I decided to implement the feedback that my client gave me, and the next presentation I did I received high remarks in the areas of stage presence, audience engagement, and educating my client on the topic I was hired for.  The meeting planner even sent me a personalized note afterward, saying that her audience still was talking about how good my presentation was six months after the event was over.

Assuming I had not taken the feedback, I had received from a client and applied it to my keynote presentations I would not be as successful in my career to date.  So the next time someone gives you some constructive criticism, don’t be so quick to get angry or defensive.  Slow down, take a step back and process the information.  Then after you process the information, figure out how you can apply the feedback to your work so you can have extreme success with your brand and vision!!!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


Persistence they say is key for success,however at times stepping away from something is the most effective course . Whether it’s a failed task, a meaningless job, or a thankless relationship, stepping away can be the best thing for you, your health, and your family.

Some of us are really good at knowing when it is the best time it is to step away, and then there are those of us who stick with doing what we are doing because we feel like we can’t let those around us down by stepping away.

Being the person in the office constantly expecting change, but your the one person doing the same thing over and over not willing to do something different, is no treasonable.  This is an example that requires you to step away and look at your situation differently and make changes. So you can start to see the light,and when you can confidently see the light at the end of the tunnel, you can start to see different results!

Being the person who is unbalanced, never on time, or is constantly over booked, yet you are constantly are expecting things to go your way, is not real life.  If you are constantly on the go, hustling, grinding, yet not working smart because you say yes to everything and everyone that comes your way, you are setting yourself up for the ultimate failure!  This is a perfect example where you should stop saying “YES” to things that will not benefit you, and learn to work smarter and harder at the same time. This means you will have to make some tough decisions along the way, but with tough decisions comes growth, maturity,and wisdom!  Hey, no one ever said being an “effective” leader was easy!

I remember it was 2009 and our business was failing tremendously.  The problem was I was a“YES” man.  To please my clients, my partner, and my employees I would try to take on every single job that came our way.  At the end of that year our revenue was stagnate, our growth was at a standstill, and we almost closed our doors.   After analyzing our books, I determined that all the jobs we were undertaking were not good for our business.  Our payroll was way to high, we were not staying on schedule, and most of all we were not profitable in any way shape or form.

In 2010 I made the decision to only take jobs that fit our wheel house, and jobs where we did not have to run up our labor cost through the roof to get our work done. So by taking a step back, pausing, and analyzing the situation I was able to make a systemic change in our business.  In 2009 our annual revenue was around 3 million. In 2010 we got up to almost 7 million, and by 2011 we were an 8 figure annual business.  So again, stepping away and learning too objectively and professionally analyze a situation, can sometimes be the best thing you ever do to grow your business!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


Anyone can create videos, podcast, quotes and write blogs straight from their laptop. However, not everyone can tell a story through uniquely created content to be marketed on social media platforms, which keeps you marketable at the highest level.

If you master of your craft and know that you can serve the people from your brand verse selling them something for your benefit, you will see amazing results.  People do not like being sold to when they work for you.  However, clients love to buy things that are a solution to their problems. They buy when they know how your brand will help them.

The success of your brand relies on how well people understand what you can offer them, and best serve them in their quest to achieve greatness. People do business with brands they know, like, and trust.  Start working on building strong relationships with clients to remain marketable at all levels.  The most reliable foundation of any brand is the collaborative “relationships” that the brand has.  When you are trying to build any businesses the best way to start is to build “genuine relationships” with people, where you are not trying to sell them anything out of the gate.  This way you get to develop a strong bond, and eventually over time “business” will get accomplished!

One of the best ways I like to market myself is by creating videos that tell a story, and also have valuable teaching points in the video too.  People want to get to know the real you, and one of the most effective ways they can do that is watching you on video.  Watch your passion, your speech inflection, your mannerisms, and most of all your ability to communicate.  So I’m going to challenge you to try and post more videos of yourself on social media that tell a story of who you are, teaching people valuable lessons, and giving people a call to action. You will be very satisfied with the results!

Characteristics to stay marketable and set you apart from the crowd in this fast-paced world…

Positive•    Who do you surround yourself with daily personally & professionally?

Teachable•    Do you read self-motivating education daily?

Present•    Are you in the moment while doing your job or are you distracted by outside matters?

Irreplaceable •    Are you growing your craft daily and make yourself a precious commodity?

Go to person•    Are you open to helping individuals with their problems?

Correctable •    Are you fixing issues, or causing more of them?

Flexible•    Are you able to handle change without complaints?

Coach-able•    Are you open to constructive criticism?

Accountable•    Do you take ownership?

Self Starter•    Do you accomplish the job in a timely and profitable manner?

‍Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


It can be a training course,attending an event, hiring a coach, or a self-growth book. But this purchase had to be something that is going to stimulate your mind and inspire you.Running a business, I know it gets incredibly busy and usually you are the last to be invested in, however, its the first thing that we should be doing.

Investing in yourself as the leader is an essential aspect of moving yourself, your team, and brand forward.It’s important for you to invest time and money into the growth and development of your team and brand. This ensures others that your team is built on highly skilled professionals, who are always learning new things. It also ensures others that they will be able to work on skills that they may not feel 100%confident in, or they may be able to add knowledge of a new skill, due to the way you invest into your brand and its team members currently.

Investing in yourself is essential to drive growth, create balance, and stay inspired. With investing in the self-growth area of your team and brand, you will see an increase in morale, energy, and growth within your brand.  When people feel good about themselves they tend to not only work harder for the brand, they end up inspiring others around them to work hard and be successful too!  Remember the energy and effort that is put into your self-growth is going to determine the return of investment. You cannot just go through the motions, and you must be 100% fully engaged and committed to the process.  If you are not going to be fully engaged, then don’t even bother starting the venture in the first place.

Ways to invest in yourself :

1.    Read something inspiring

2.    Hire a coach/mentor

3.    Attend any educational events

4.    Take online courses/webinars

5.    Have daily goals personally and professionally

One of the best things I ever did for myself was hiring an executive coach to work with me on my professional development, strategy, and sharpening my leadership skills.  I was a little bit hesitant at first, as I thought I could do it all on my own. The money I invested in paying my coach ended up coming back to me with a HUGE profit in less than 3 months.  My overall strategy approach, leadership skills, listening skills, and most importantly my ability to take constructive criticism got so much better!  With vast improvements in these areas my abilities got so much better.  Especially in communication, strategy implementation, and patience as well.

So I am going to challenge you today, hire an executive coach.  Someone who can hold you accountable,someone who can help you devise a plan to reach your vision and goals, someone who you know has your best interest at heart.  I am fairly confident this investment will pay huge dividends in the long run.  But remember this one important thing, ONLY HIRE AN EXECUTIVE COACH WHEN YOU ARE READY TO GO ALL IN,AND BE FULLY INVESTED IN REACHING YOUR GOALS AND VISION!!!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker

Marques Ogden

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