Motivation comes from the word ‘motive’ which is the needs of a person that drives them. Motivating others is an outside-in approach to leadership that is not sustainable over time because people don’t need motivation. Inspiration is when an individual is mentally encouraged to do something. Inspiring people is an inside-out approach to leadership that is entirely self-sustaining, as people strive to reach their fullest potential.

Leaders often fail to understand human motivation: people are intrinsically motivated beings. They come to work for two reasons to earn the economic means cover their needs and to make a difference. Where leaders and companies often struggle with developing their teams along with myself, we always strive to motivate others when we should be inspiring them.

Once I changed my speaking from motivational to inspirational, my story became more impactful. I noticed more people being impacted and leaving lasting impressions on them. That is when my speaking career soared.

Motivation tended to be very short-lived and filled with the emotions you are feeling that day, it comes and goes depending on the day. Inspiration is a lifestyle change where a person will make a long-lasting difference with systemic change.

My challenge to you is:

How will you make your leadership skills more INSPIRING vs. MOTIVATING for your team?

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker


The most profound part of my story is the fall of my construction business. I reflect daily on the trials I faced and how to consistently improve my mission – to serve and inspire others to grow successfully.

One of the biggest reasons my company failed was that I did not maintain a positive culture. Some of my best employees would try to speak with me on issues and I would shut them out.

That same negative attitude led to me to an unhappy staff and ultimately, a failed business. Hindsight is 20/20!

Today, I have used this key learning as a talking point when speaking with my audience. Companies must create a psychologically safe environment for employees to share dialogue. Problems get solved and solutions are created. Not only is it exciting to share this learning with others, but to also have clients running their businesses on this same initiative.

AXA Advisors (a Fortune 25 company) delivers on this same promise. I have been given the opportunity to speak for AXA in NYC this upcoming September. There’s nothing more exciting than working with a client who believes in the same mission. AXA highly encourages their employees to speak their mind and it has allowed for one of the best cultures in the insurance industry to date.


How come I can’t ever seem to get ahead?

How come I don’t see results like others?

Why are some people better leaders than others?

Do you find that you ask yourself these questions? One of the critical components of highly successful individuals is consistency; there is so much power in being consistent. Whatever it is in life that you want to achieve, if its a personal or professional goal, you must practice mastering your craft daily with discipline. Consistency is not just going through the motions with lack of purpose, but it is working harder each day than you did the day before to maximize your highest abilities. Consistency helps put much-needed structure into your day, which allows you to be more productive and efficient. Consistency will help you master time management, production efficiency, along with organizational skills. It simplifies your day, and you will feel like you have gotten more accomplished because you know what you have to get done.

One of my most significant setbacks in life taught me one of the greatest keys to success in life. Once I became inconsistent, that is when all things changed with my 8 figure construction company I work so hard to build.

In the summer of 2012 when I had my construction company Kayden Premier Enterprises, I took on a project for 4 million dollars, for one of the largest general contractors in the country.  Between 2008-2011 leading up to that project, I was remarkably consistent, diligent, hard-working, and a master of perfecting my craft when it came to my business.  However, in 2012 for some reason, I lost my focus on this juggernaut project, and I ended up going bankrupt because I stopped being consistent at my craft.  My home, my cars, my credit, my friends, almost all of my family were gone!

Can you imagine this situation?  What if you had been a consistent hard working person your whole life, but took your eye off the ball on one major project and lost EVERYTHING you owned?  This was my reality, in 2013 I almost ended up homeless due to my catastrophic error.  Now as a keynote speaker, I focus on telling my audiences that CONSISTENCY is the key to winning the race!  “Every single day, every single play you have to earn your spot in life!”  I tell the same thing to my leadership coaching clients as well, that high performing achievers are super consistent and they continuously work at their craft every single day!

Are you one of these people who wants to become more consistent, but you don’t know how to get there?  Are you someone who has the desire to do their best daily, but you don’t have someone to help you create the blueprint to reach your targeted destination?  If so let’s have a complimentary, no-obligation consultation call to see how we can work together. Message me at marques@marquesogden.com

Remember this saying when it comes to being your best…“The greatest fear we have to overcome is the fear we put into our minds!”Coach Mike Mularkey

Get the fear of failure out of our minds, there is nothing we can’t achieve!

Marques Ogden, Keynote Speaker

Marques Ogden

Marques Ogden/Speaker

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